What are you interested in today? Let's get together!

With emVite, embrace your passions, explore shared interests, and connect with like-minded people. Let's turn interests into exciting experiences together!

A location based, interest guided, real time social search and networking community. It will help you connect to new people around you who share your interests.

Simply follow this steps

1. Download emVite App

Immerse yourself in the world of connections with emVite. Download our user-friendly app from your favorite store and embark on a journey of unique experiences.

2. Create your profile

Your emVite profile is your unique identifier. Add a striking profile picture, fill out some basic details, and personalize your bio to reflect your persona. Let the world know who you are!

3. Choose your interests

Emojis are the language we speak on emVite. Choose from our extensive list, the ones that represent your interests. Whether you love 🍔, ⚽, or 🎵, picking your emojis allows us to tailor your emVite experiences.

4. Start Emviting to Places Near You!

Profile? ✅. Emojis? ✅. Now, dive into the action and start emViting! Discover activities and events happening around you that align with your chosen emojis. Your adventure with emVite starts now!

How does it work

When you join emVite and create your profile, you get to customize it with your interests using emojis in real time. Other users can easily discover you based on their location range and send you invitations to MEET at a recommended place nearby.

if you are a place owner, claim your place to start engaging with users.